Packiam on Worship

My old friend and pastor used to say something that has forever been etched into my consciousness.

You are who you worship.

Glenn says it in another way – We become what we behold. If we think about it, what we become then is limited by what we imagine. And when I think about how the Christian worshipping community preaches the idea of how big God is, the state of humanity reveals painfully of how small we perceive God to be.

It’s not about putting a cocktail mixture of hit songs, cool slides or nifty performances. It’s about re-arranging our services in a way that it re-enact a Story we could truly believe and live into.

People flock to U2 and Sigur Ros concerts because the artists themselves gets it. They understand that elements in fragments, strung together in no particular order doesn’t cut it.

We need a narrative. With a prevailing theme that points to the life and resurrection of our Master. And realised just how big He really is.


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