The Music Never Stopped

It was based on a true story. On how a musically inclined man had to endure brain tumor. It affected how he remembers things that happened moments ago. Snapshots of his life consumed by the cancer.

His relationship with his dad was strained to the point he left home at an early age. Now that he was found by his family, broken not by the disease but because of being away from the family for so long. The father wants to reconnect. But those time away coupled by bad memories took its toll on those good intentions.

As it turned out, music seemed to turn on a switch in Gabriel’s mind. And that proves to be a vital bridge for Henry to cross. And have a shared moment with his once estranged son.

Today, I met someone like Gabriel. His name is Komeil.

He left his native country Iran to ours in order to seek freedom. A space to express himself. Every time we talk about music, his eyes light up. You could almost feel the beat of his heart resonate to the sound of the tune playing in his mind.

Alas, I worry that Komeil might not be able to stay here for long. And with his departure so goes his dreams of being able to live fully in the art that he loves.

I asked him what song is playing right now in his head. He whispered “Leonard Cohen”. And so I played Chris Botti’s rendition of the haunting “Hallelujah”. Komeil closed his eyes and hummed silently the tune as the rain provided the ambient backdrop. His face glowed just like how Gabriel did when he heard “The Grateful Dead” playing.

Despite what might happened in the future, we had a shared moment there. On a bridge that points the way to hope.


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