My 100 List

1. play my trumpet with a jazz band in front of a live audience
2. make love underneath a beautiful sunset
3. own a sports car
4. set up a charitable organization
5. set up a café & bakery
6. learn to read/write Mandarin
7. learn to play and master tennis
8. attend a U2 live concert
9. watch a live NBA game
10. play classical concerto in front of a live audience
11. sing and play an (un)-original love song for my bride
12. bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand
13. jump out of a plane and sky-dive
14. Walking the streets of NYC, singing “O Praise Him”.
15. Snow-board down a double black run.
16. Do 2 mins of double-unders at Lake Tahoe.
17. Join a humanitarian program in Africa
18. Visit the Eiffel Tower
19. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
20. Dive in Sipadan
21. Sun-tanning in the Maldives/ Bahamas
22. Lying and having a picnic at Central Park, NY
23. Attend at least one major sporting event eg The World Cup, the Olympics
24. Be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine
25. Fly my parents on a holiday.
26. Learn how to salsa
27. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
28. Be someone’s mentor
29. Lecture at a seminary/university
30. Ride one of the roller coasters in Six Flags
31. Finish an Ironman.
32. Set up a gym
33. Help my son pursue his first crush
34. Telling my daughter she’s beautiful
35. Mastering 50 magic tricks
36. Read the entire Bible
37. Help someone achieve their fitness goals.
38. Be a wedding photographer for one day
39. Being sponsored by a major company
40. Visit the Niagara Falls
41. Party at Rio De Janeiro.
42. Visit the Lourve, Paris
43. Watch a live Premier League/Champions League Game
44. Act in a movie
45. Whitewater rafting with friends.
46. Be a barista… and get creative with latte art.
47. Trek to Everest Base Camp
48. Rock-climbing at Krabi, Thailand
49. Go on a biking road trip.
50. Hold a training camp for adolescents
51. Win USD100 at Las Vegas
52. Visit the Pyramids, Egypt
53. Go on a meat eating rampage at Buenos Aires.
54. Visit Bora-Bora, French Polynesia
55. Climb Mount Kinabalu
56. Be a certified dive master
57. Fly a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
58. Learn how to make dessert.
59. Run the Great Wall in record time
60. Visit Iguassu Falls
61. Dance the flamengo in Spain
62. Eat Swiss cheese and chocolat at the Alps
63. Dance the hula in Hawaii.
64. Visit the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
65. Visit Cape Town, Africa
66. Visit the Taj Mahal, go fire-walking in India and eat tandoori
67. See the Polar Bears in Alaska
69. Travel the Orient Express
70. Run with the bulls at Pamplona
71. Visit Petra, Jordan
72. Visit Israel, Mount Sinai and float in the Dead Sea
73. Challenge and beat my teenage son in one-on-one basketball
74. Drink champagne and eat oysters on a yacht trip.
75. Host a reunion gathering
76. Prepare a five-star dinner for my wife.
77. Lead one social change in my home country.
79. Record an album
80. Quit pornography for good.
81. Take my sister out for a concert.
82. Buy my dad a sportscar
84. Learn Capoeira
85. Make a great speech at my children’s wedding
86. Go on a Mediterranean Cruise
87. Obtain black belt in some martial art
88. Publish a comic book
89. Sing for a musical
90. Deliver a world-shattering idea against all odds
93. Initiate a development program for kids and youth
94. Tell my children “i’m sorry” if I haven’t been a good parent and mean it.
99. Learn to read and write poetry


9 responses to “My 100 List

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  2. 36 is not that difficult right?

    you can achieve 37 on me! hahaha…

    and 80!!!!! hahahahahahahahah!!!!

  3. minishorts

    37 ON ME too… i wanna sign up …. foc right? you do that for me and zewt and you’ll win #100 all in one… chun or not?

  4. gregorychang

    of course, i would do it for you and zewt. Question is “What are your fitness goals?”

  5. Randomly checking out blogs of my friends’ friends.

    Loved the idea of the 100 List.

    Comment on the following items on your list.

    44. Very doable… Ask Jon, he’ll tell you.

    45. It’s only a day’s trip. Very fun.

    84. Check out Bantus Capoeira in Damansara Jaya (Training for Capoeira will most likely help you achieve #83)

    Good luck in achieving them.

  6. Why are there some numbers with blanks???

  7. Mel L

    Yes, am also very curious about those blanks! But either way, this list is a tremendous idea + very inspiring for the stage I’m in 🙂

    So thanks again!

  8. Joe

    Number 8: TICK!
    It was awesome akachi, glad to have spent it with you.

  9. Greg! you can cross off no. 37. I’ve lost 4kgs! Now it’s about maintaining it…

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